Rio Salado Behavioral Health Systems, Inc.
Helping People Help Themselves

Rio Salado BHS is a non-profit community-based organization that was created to provide drug, alcohol and mental health services to parents and youth.


Our seasoned bilingual multi-cultural staff is experienced in serving minority families and their children. Our staff provides home-based counseling to youth throughout Maricopa County.


We offer a variety of outpatient individual and family counseling services that include:

Juvenile Probation Services


Rio Salado BHS offers services to youth, ages 5-17, who have behavioral health problems or that get involved in the criminal justice systems.


Referrals are made by the juvenile probation office/courts, corrections agencies, family, community agencies, schools and Magellan/Southwest Network. All referrals are made through the Rio Phoenix Office.

Our services are primarily home based, but we also offer services at our Camelback office as requested by the family.

Competency Restoration Services

Rio has been delivering Competency Restoration services under contract with The Arizona Supreme Court since 1997. We provide competency restoration services to a diverse population of youth and young adults involved in the criminal justice system, ages 5 to 17.


Most competency restoration education sessions are home based or in a location the family feels is more comfortable; however, sessions are available at our Camelback location. 


Rio offers highly trained professionals with excellent skills in competency restoration who take pride in educating the juveniles and restoring them to competency in the least amount of time possible.    


We are confident that Rio has the ability to educate juveniles living within Maricopa County that are referred to us for competency restoration services.  


Referrals must come from the juvenile probation or corrections agencies. 

All referrals are made through the Rio Phoenix Office.