Rio Salado Behavioral Health Systems, Inc.
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Rio Salado BHS is dedicated to providing multidisciplinary treatment for children, adolescents, individuals and families with behavioral and emotional disorders through the appropriate use of professional skills of a wide variety of behavioral health and medical personnel.


Rio Salado BHS has developed job descriptions for each staff person providing direct client services and for support personnel. Each job description describes the duties, responsibilities and minimum required qualifications necessary to conduct the service for which the staff was hired. All staff and volunteers will be screened, trained, and supervised according to ADHS/OBHL standards/requirements.


Job descriptions are as follows: Behavioral Health Professional, Behavioral Health Technician, Behavioral Health Para-Professional and monthly staff supervision.


All Rio Salado BHS staff must comply with statutory requirements and professional or occupational licensure, certification or registration standards as required by ADHS/OBHL. 


Employment Procedure


  • A performance evaluation will be conducted a minimum of once every 12 months by the assigned supervisor for all agency personnel and documented in the personnel file.
  • An organizational chart will be made available for all staff to clearly understand the lines of authority and organizational functions of the Agency.
  • The staffing pattern will be made available to promote a better understanding of the organization and the employee’s role and position with the Agency.
  • Clinical supervision will be directed by a clinical or program director who is a licensed psychiatrist, psychologist or certified behavioral health professional. The clinical director or program director may be an employee or independent contract personnel.
  • Documentation that supervisory sessions have occurred on a regular basis, a minimum 4 hours per month, will be provided and documented weekly in an Agency form. The form will be signed by the staff person and the clinical supervisor.


  • The Administrator will meet with staff on a weekly basis in order to improve the integration of treatment activities.


If you are interested in a job with Rio Salado BHS 

please FAX your resume to 602-252-7340.

You may also call 602-252-9048 for an application.